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Shipping And Returns Policy

1. Refundable Pre-booking Amount:
The pre-booking amount is fully refundable. If you choose not to proceed with the purchase, kindly request a refund by emailing
Refunds will be processed to the original payment mode within 15 days of receiving your refund request.

2. Non-Cancellable Orders:
Once the full payment is made to complete a purchase, the order becomes non-cancellable.

3. Dispatch of Interactive Digital Board (IDB):
The IDB will be dispatched within 15 working days of receiving the full payment.
Any additional delay will be communicated to you before payment or within 3 working days of receiving the full payment.
No refund will be made for delayed shipments acknowledged by you.
If unwilling to accept a dispatch after more than 15 days, refrain from making the full payment or seek a refund if already made.

4. Unforeseen Circumstances:
Delays due to uncontrollable events like floods, riots, lockdowns, curfews, strikes, etc., will not be eligible for a refund. Orders will be dispatched at the earliest possible date.

5. Dispatch Origin Point:
Shipments will be dispatched from a warehouse managed by Teachmint or its vendors. The dispatch origin point will be determined solely by Teachmint.

6. Delivery Time:
Delivery time depends on the customer's location. Generally, delivery occurs within 7 working days of dispatch but may take longer for remote locations.

7. Installation:
Installation will be completed within 2 working days of delivery, contingent upon the availability of a point of contact person at the customer's location at the proposed installation time.
Installation may take more time in remote locations.

8. Shipment Inspection:
Shipments are covered by transit insurance.
If the shipment is damaged, refuse acceptance. During installation, our technician will unpack and verify the IDB's undamaged condition.
Report any damage immediately during the inspection, providing video/image proofs. Damage reported after the installation person leaves your premises will not be covered under insurance.

9. Damaged or Technical Issues:
In the case of damage or technical issues, repair or a replacement will be provided. No refunds will be issued.

10. Non-Returnable Products:
Products are non-returnable.
For any inquiries or concerns, please contact us at

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