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  • What are the key benefits of Teachmint X?
    Teachmint X provides a connected experience for all stakeholders during pre-class preparation/planning, in-class teaching & learning, and post-class engagement. Teachers can start class in less than 30 seconds, with auto-saved and shareable class notes. It's powered by premium classroom device that comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.
  • What are the available screen sizes in the Classroom Device, and which one is recommended for my classroom?
    Available options to choose from for the Classroom Device (Interactive Digital Board): 65": For less than 25 students 75": For 25-50 students 86": For 50-100 students 98": For 100-150 students 110": For 150-250 students
  • How will my institute get onboarded with Teachmint X?
    After purchase, the onboarding involves providing information in a required spreadsheet format, followed by admin and account setup by the Teachmint team. Online training sessions will be conducted post-setup.
  • How will users access the Teachmint platform?
    Teachmint is accessible on the web, Android, and iOS apps for teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Additionally, there's a classroom app for in-class teaching activities on the Interactive Display Board (IDB).
  • Is the product available/suitable for non-schools?
    Yes, Teachmint X is suitable for any classroom type (school, coaching, college, training center) and any delivery mode (physical, hybrid, virtual).
  • Is video content included/available in Teachmint X?
    While there's no bundled content, teachers can add their videos by uploading directly via the mobile app or adding YouTube links.
  • Can we buy only the Classroom Device without any subscription?
    No, Teachmint X is available only as a bundled offering.
  • Can we buy only subscriptions if the institute already has IDBs or is procuring from another vendor?
    No, Teachmint X is available only as a bundled offering.
  • Do I need an additional OPS (Open Pluggable Specification)?
    No, Teachmint X includes the latest specs, and an OPS may be added 2-4 years later for a performance upgrade when newer and significantly better specs are available.
  • Whom and where can I connect in case of any service issues?
    Support Contact Technical Support SLA
  • What is the estimated delivery and installation timeframe for the device at my location?
    Delivery times provided are estimates and subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, government holidays, or events beyond our control. We strive to meet timelines, but factors beyond our control may cause variations. Thank you for your understanding.
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